Capture the Magic of Your Wedding Through Expert Photography

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Wedding Couple at the beautiful The Reserve Resort and Vineyard

A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event that marks the beginning of a couple’s journey together. It’s a day filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable memories. Capturing these precious moments is essential, and hiring a professional wedding photographer can make all the difference.

In this article hosted by Photos By Orion, we will explore the top advantages of securing a professional wedding photographer for your special day.

Experience and Expertise Make a Big Difference

A professional wedding photographer brings years of experience and a deep understanding of various photography styles. They have honed their skills through countless weddings, mastering the art of capturing the perfect shot in any situation. Their expertise allows them to anticipate the flow of events, ensuring they are in the right place at the right time to capture every beautiful moment.

An Eye for Detail and Candid Moments

Professional photographers possess a sharp eye for seizing the subtle elements and unscripted instances that render your wedding day distinctive. From the elaborate needlework on your dress to the affectionate gazes shared between you and your partner, an expert wedding photographer understands how to preserve these ephemeral moments in striking images. These spontaneous captures will stand as treasured mementos of the authentic emotions and bonds experienced during your momentous occasion.

Advanced Technical Know-How

In case of any technical issues or malfunctions, a professional photographer will have backup equipment on hand. This ensures that they can continue capturing your wedding without any interruptions. Moreover, their technical expertise allows them to adapt to various lighting conditions and settings, ensuring that your photos are consistently well-exposed and beautifully composed.

Experts Keep a Seamless Wedding Day Timeline

Professional photographers are skilled at managing time efficiently. They understand the importance of adhering to a schedule while also remaining flexible to accommodate any last-minute changes or delays. With a professional wedding photographer, you can trust that they will capture all the essential moments without causing unnecessary stress or disruptions to your special day.

Quality Throughout Your Collection

With a professional wedding photographer, you can expect consistent quality throughout your entire collection of photos. They have the expertise to maintain a uniform style and level of excellence across all your images. This consistency ensures that your wedding album will tell a cohesive story, allowing you to relive your special day through a beautifully curated selection of photographs.

A Knack for Artistry

A skilled wedding photographer can bring an artistic touch to your photos, transforming them into timeless works of art. Their bold yet graceful style, reminiscent of classic romance motion pictures, captures the essence of your love story while preserving the personalities of those in front of the camera. Through expert composition, lighting, and editing, a professional wedding photographer elevates your wedding photos from mere documentation to cherished keepsakes.

Revel In the Beauty of Your Final Images

Once the wait is over and you have your precious photographs returned, it’s time to put your images to good use. Plus, sharing your wedding memories with family and friends can be a fun opportunity when you tap into a platform like Adobe Express, which offers a variety of tools to help you showcase your final wedding images creatively. Here are a few we love to use:

  • Create an eye-catching announcement: The Adobe Express wedding announcement maker offers a stylish and personalized way to share your favorite wedding photo while spreading the exciting news of your nuptials. With its customizable templates and user-friendly design tools, you can create a visually appealing announcement that captures the essence of your special day, leaving a lasting impression on friends and family.
  • Relive your big day all year long: The Adobe Express photo calendar maker enables you to create a custom calendar featuring your favorite wedding photos, allowing you to relive the magic of your special day throughout the year. With its intuitive design tools and diverse templates, you can craft a visually stunning keepsake that serves as a daily reminder of your love story.
  • Heartfelt thanks: Adobe Express thank you card templates provide an elegant and personalized way to express your gratitude to guests while sharing a favorite wedding photo. With its customizable designs and user-friendly interface, you can create heartfelt, visually appealing thank you cards that convey your appreciation and showcase a cherished memory from your special day.
  • The perfect wedding album: The Adobe Express booklet maker allows you to easily select your favorite images, arrange them in a visually appealing format, and add text or captions to create a keepsake that you and your loved ones can treasure for years to come.

Engaging the services of a professional wedding photographer provides an array of benefits that simply cannot be matched by an amateur friend or family member wielding a camera. Their proficiency, skill, meticulousness, and dedication to excellence guarantee that your wedding photos will stand as a gorgeous and enduring tribute to the love and happiness experienced on your momentous occasion. By choosing to invest in an expert wedding photographer, you can trust that your cherished memories will be captured in breathtaking, ageless images that you and your partner will treasure for a lifetime.

A Snapshot Look at 2023

The wedding season is slowing down, but we may have a whole new way of looking at wedding photography to push us into the new year. Here now 5 trends people will focusing in on.

1. Wedding Highlights

Gone our the days of watching the whole ceremony. Now we are really seeing a movement towards shorter versions to play on social media and give a glimpse to those who could not make it.

2. Realistic Video Edits

At Photos By Orion creativity and storytelling is one of the best part of our jobs. Now many people turning to using actual clips of sound from the wedding accompanied by music bringing out the true emotions of your big day.

3. Veil Shots

Veil shots remain a classic favorite. They represent the grace and elegance of brides. We are always finding creative ways to showcase these treasured trophies.

4. Black and White Photography

Its timeless, versatile, distraction-free, and subtle. Black and white photography can evoke a mood – from nostalgia to sadness to yearning, black and white pictures somehow convey emotion in a way that color images simply can’t

5. Candid Pictures during the Ceremony

Then there is that magical moment that only comes once, but reveals a split second shot of emotion. From the vows, father and daughter march, and that picture perfect portrait seconds after your “I Do’s.” These are the picture of perfection recaptured in all there glory for everyone to reminisce and rewind in the days after the wedding. We are Photos By Orion, and for over 15 years we have been telling stories with star quality photography, videography, drone, and 360. Feel free to email or call us at, or 503-385-1435.

Laurelhurst Club I Do’s

A sweeter couple you have never seen than Daniel and Natalie. We very much enjoyed working with them on their beautiful, though very hot, wedding day! They were married at the beautiful Laurelhurst Club ( across from the oh so picturesque Laurelhurst Park ( near East Burnside in Portland Oregon.

The ceremony begins at 4:05, and ends at 22:22

We can’t wait to come back here and be able to take photos in the park’s beauty. We even got to work with our friends at NW Mobile DJ for this wedding, which always makes for a great wedding day. So excited to share their day with you in this video, enjoy!

Beautiful Wedding at Eola Hills Winery

Laurie and Adam were married in a unique and sweet ceremony performed by one of their good friends. The love they have for each other shows, and it was a fun evening all the way around! Congratulations Laurie and Adam, we loved preserving your beautiful day!

We are Photos By Orion. Telling wedding stories with Star Quality Photography, Videography, 360, and Drone. Please feel free to contact us at, or call 503-385-1435.

Beautiful Log House Garden Wedding

This sweet couple said “I Do” at the Log House Gardens in Keizer, Oregon, which is a beautiful wedding venue we love working with each year! In case you want to skip around

End of ceremony:

13:29 End of speeches:


Telling wedding stories with Star Quality Photography, Videography, Drone, and 360. Email or Call us at, or 503-385-1435.

Bloomin’ Bride

Love blooms brightly in this backyard wedding. The vows for Macy and Bret in West Salem went off without a hitch, and see all those bouquets of flowers believe it or not they are all made of wood. That’s right wooden flowers.

Too the naked eye and through are camera lens it’s hard to imagine that they are not real. The vibrant colors and details are incredible. The bride, Marcy, handcrafted all these pieces from scratch.

The flowers are made from Sola wood. Sola is very lightweight and soft and flexible. Marcy used the shavings of the wood, reshaping them, then using 15-20 pieces per flower to capture the elegance of the centerpieces.

Even the boutonnieres were carefully constructed, colored, and then covered with lacquer to keep them stable. Marcy’s time and energy were well worth it. She saved big and the best part like the sign says they last forever. Show us some of the creative ways you save. Send them into us at, or feel free to email or call us at, or 503-385-1435.

Songs of Love

The sounds of love are in full swing this spring. Musical anthems ringing out loud and clear for this wedding season.

The classics still the optimal choice by couples for their first song. Looking at the list two names really stand out, and that’s Ed Sheeran and of course the legend of love hits, John Legend. Legend’s “All of Me”, continues to top the dance floors, but also strutting his stuff is Sheeran with “Perfect.”

Rounding out the top 5 of those first songs are “At Last”, Etta James, “Your Song”, Elton John, “A Thousand Years”, Christina Perri.

Six through 10 includes.

  • “Marry Me” – Train
  • “How Sweet It Is (to Be Loved by You) – James Taylor
  • “Songbird” – Fleetwood Mac
  • “Crazy Love” – Van Morrison
  • “Can’t Help Falling In Love” – Elvis Presley

The perfect song does not come easy to select. The number one thing to be sure on is both of you like the song. Another be mindful of your guests and use music that will captivate your audience. Plus keep that first song to 3-4 minutes tops, you are kicking off this party not closing it.

The Wedding Boom is on, so we would love to see your playlists. What’s your favorites? Send them into us at, or feel free to email or call us at, or 503-385-1435.

Simple Ways to Say I Do to Sustainability

The eco boom is exploding onto the Wedding Spring Season. Couples are being more and more conscientious of waste and taking great measures to protect the environment. In fact In fact, The Knot guesstimates more than two-thirds of their subscriber’s plan or did use some form of sustainability on their wedding day.

Pinterest reports searches on their site for thrifted weddings has tripled. The shopping site, Poshmark, says demand for used wedding dresses $500 or more is reaching new heights.

That same trend is also taken in the planning. Karin Webster, owner of Blue Bonsai Printing uses only recyclable paper for her wedding invitations. Other ideas being put in place is scrapping paper all together and going digital, silk flowers rather than freshly cut flowers, compostable utensils, bowls, and plates, and even skipping those favors for the end.

When it comes to the food there are many things you can do to support sustainability; choose meals that are in season to cut transportation costs, deliver leftovers to a shelter, or let guests take the extras home in recyclable containers.

We talked about using silk flowers, but the other things you can do is work with your florist to see if there were any other events where you could possibly use flowers, reuse the bridal bouquets as centerpieces, or use a potted plant that can be taken home. Finally, donate flowers to a church or hospital.

You can even save energy by reserving a local venue and looking for a place that is LEED certified. You will be surprised how a little saving can go without putting a strain on your pockets, or wedding plans.

We would like to hear and see how you are showcasing sustainability. We are Photos By Orion. Please feel free to contact us at, or call 503-385-1435. We are Photos By Orion. Telling stories with star quality photography, videography, 360, and drone.

Fallin’ in Love

Did you know there are 238 waterfalls in our state. These “Water Wonders” are an amazing place to get portraits. In today’s blog here is a look at our Top 3 spots where you can be “fallin’ in love” with these incredible displays of nature’s magic.

Multnomah Falls

Number 1 on our list is Multnomah Falls. This is also the largest water fall in the state and 434th tallest in the world. This showcase is super easy to get to and requires very little hiking. The only thing standing in your way could be the crowds. Multnomah Falls cannot be missed in either direction on I-84, which makes it one of the most popular attractions. Fun fact Multnomah Falls was featured in the popular “Twilight Series”

Silver Falls

Number 2 is the South Falls in Silver Falls State Park, which is located in Silverton just about 15 minutes from Salem. The South Falls is the largest of the 10 waterfalls in the area. South Falls is very easy to get to, and requires little hiking. The best part is it is situated on a ring trail, so you can get a variety of shots. You can get a look underneath the falls and then you are able to stand above the falls, which is a fantastic place to take photos.

Abiqua Falls

Now if you like a little adventure then our third spot, Abiqua Falls in the is just for you. It is located about a half-hour from Silverton east of Silver Falls. What’s so special is the water fall sits between columns of columnar rock, and dips into a vast basin. Abiqua Falls requires some work to get there. It’s about a mile hike and there is one little part that does take some maneuvering, but we have taken multiple clients there with no problem.

What’s your favorite water fall? Please send us some pictures, and we will feature them on our website, and social media. If you would like to see more please check out our YouTube page at We are Photos By Orion. Telling stories with Star Quality Photography, Videography, 360, and Drone. Please feel free to contact us at, or call 503-385-1435.

Conquer Your Video Fear

It is estimated by the end of 2022, 1 million videos will be watched per second. In fact, online video is predicted to represent 82.5% of all web traffic. Still for some it’s the fear of video that stops them from hitting record. In today’s blog here are some simple ways to make you a shooting star.

Tip #1 – WHO, WHAT, and WHY are you making the video in the first place

For any video project, start by writing down your goal, and then list at least 3 key take-aways you want the viewer to remember. Knowing your key points lessens the chance you’ll ramble and go off on tangents.

Tip #2 – Imagine you’re having a conversation

Identifying a specific person you want to talk to takes away all that pressure.

Even if no one’s watching your at first, still imagine how connecting conversationally with just one person would make it all worth it.

Also, don’t assume you’re reaching no one. Remember, lots of people watch videos constantly so it’s better to never assume.

Tip #3 – Shift the Focus

Too often we get caught up on our own fears and insecurities that we forget that we have a chance to provide a service, make a difference, or teach with our video.

When you shift your focus to doing whatever you can to help someone else, your nervousness and apprehension fades.

Tip #4 – Content is King

That means you don’t need a fancy set, fancy camera, or fancy wardrobe to show up and deliver something your audience will enjoy. Because if what you share is truly helpful or entertaining, people overlook all of that because they like you and are genuinely interested in what you have to say.

Plus, with video there’s less expectation for it to look super polished anyway because people know when you’re on your phone.

Girl with guitar
Portraits should reflect you and what you love!

Tip #5 – Confidence and Consistency

When you’re first starting out, give yourself at least a dozen videos to get comfortable and hone your style. Analyzing stats can come later once you have videos to review.

So there you have it! Here again are the 5 tips to get over your fear of live video:

  1. Know WHO, WHAT, and WHY you’re making the video.
  2. Be Conversational
  3. Shift the Focus from yourself to how you can help others
  4. Content is King

We would like to see some of your videos. We are Photos By Orion. Telling stories with Star Quality Photography, Videography, 360, and Drone. Please feel free to contact us at, or call 503-385-1435.