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Documenting baby's 1st year

Baby's First Year Portraits

Baby Portraits to last a lifetime

Your baby's first year is full of huge growth, precious moments, and transitions as your baby learns to hold her head up, sit on his own, stand up, and to walk. No wonder this is a time when you can forget the details, so much is happening every day! But you don't have to worry about forgetting the little victories your baby does every day, because with our First Year program you can have it all documented for you!

Our program was build for parents who want to document the "firsts" in their new baby's first year, but know that it can be hard to remember to grab a camera in the heat of the moment. It is for parents who want professional portraits and an album done for them and know that these memories will be priceless as the years go by. The investment you make in your son, daughter, or grandchild's portraits during their first year will only go up in value as it helps you remember all the daily changes happening as your baby grows and develops so fast during this time.

This program includes:

13 sessions

Baby portraits don't have to be a worry! You will receive a newborn session as well as one session per month for the first year of your baby's life. These sessions are scheduled around you and your baby's schedule a month in advance, so you will never have to wonder when the next session is coming.

Each session can last up to an hour, but will be tailored to your what your baby can handle at that time. We know moods can change quickly so we will let your baby tell us when they are done.

Senior portrait downtown Salem, Oregon

Digital portraits and an album!

We know that times have changed, and so has how we look at and share our portraits. You receive 5 digital 5x7 images with each session on a flash drive and an album at the end of your baby's first year.


Your baby's portraits were meant to be displayed, so whether you choose the printed option or the digital option, you will recieve an album for showing off just how adorable your baby is and how much (s)he has grown. The digital album is updated every month, while the printed album you receive at the end of the year.


All sessions are done in our intimate, climate controlled, studio so you don't have to worry about baby getting cold, wet, or muddy! Be confident that your portraits will look great every time.

Our Works

Just a few examples of our work. There are too many great pictures from this program to display them all.

Pricing and payment plans

We know that photography can be expensive, and by now you probably realize that this program is worth so much that you are scared to ask about pricing. But you also are smart enough to know it is worth every penny to preserve these precious memories.

This plan is valued at over $5000, but our price to you is only $4200! We also offer an automatic payment plan, where you can spread out the payments over the year, making it easier to document this amazing time in your baby's life.

Halloween Baby portrait in the Photos By Orion studio in Salem, Oregon

Up to 1 hour session

Each month you receive a session that is up to 1 hour long with the photographer (that's me!) to get photos. I don't limit how many photos are taken so we will get photos until your baby tells us (s)he is done. This is valued at $4,200!

In home Baby portrait by Photos By Orion in Salem, Oregon

Digital Portraits

Each month you receive 5 digital (5x7 size printable and a web ready size) portraits for display and to share with family and friends. You are of course able to purchase prints, additional images, and larger sizes seperately as you desire. This starting value is over $1,800

Little Boy crawls in this Baby Portrait in the Photos By Orion studio

Album for display

The program includes an heirloom album for displaying your bundle of joy for all to see. These albums make wonderful keepsakes to can come back to again and again year after year. The album is valued at $600

Cousins pose together in this Baby Portrait by Photos By Orion in Salem, Oregon


With our automatic payment plan, you can pay as little as $350 per month, making it easier to afford for both parents and grandparents. With me you can have piece of mind that I am here to help make the process as fun and stress free as possible for both you and baby. Knowing you will get beautiful portraits and your baby will have fun...Priceless!

What our clients are saying about us

A few testimonials about our baby portraits

Pumpkin Halloween baby portrait by Photos By Orion Salem, Oregon

Props welcome

"Orion & Kathryn have an incredible way of making a photo session seem fun! They went to great lengths to get our 6 month old to smile and the photos turned out great! Thank you both! The family photos turned out Amazing! Thank you so much for all the extra efforts you went through to get our baby to smile. I very much doubt that there are very many other photographers that would have gone to such great lengths. We really appreciated it!" Emily B.

Little boy's 1 year old baby portrait in the Photos By Orion studio in Salem, Oregon

Make your portrais unique

"Ooohhh! You made me smile at the end of a long work day!! These are precious!! I can't thank you enough - we'll be back." Donna M

Baby smiles at mom while showing off her crawling skills in this baby portrait by Photos By Orion

Your precious memories

"You made it so hard to choose, again! I love them all." Hannah B.

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